About Mae Charim district in Nan province

Mae Charim is a district in the most eastern part of Nan province and became famous because of the wild Wa River and the National Park Mae Charim (sometimes also  written as Mae Jarim). The village refereed to as Mae Charim is actually Nong Deang and is about 40 km east of Nan town, located in the valley of the Wa River and bordering Laos. It is a rough area as part of the Luang Prabang Mountain Range with the highest peak of Doi Khun Lan (1.650m heigh), Rivers and Waterfalls. It is a very small village without much accommodation or restaurants. But since 2017 there is a 7-11! The main attractions are about 18 km out of Mae Charim village. Be aware that Mae Charim is about 40 km east of Nan town, it is not a suburb of Nan town. 


Destination Travel Guide to Mae Charim in Nan, North Thailand
Wild Water Rafting on the Wa River in Mae Charim

What to do in Mae Charim?

As said the main attractions of Mae Charim are Wild Water Rafting and Mae Charim National Park but read more at Everything about Mae Charim or read our Travel Blog about Mae Charim. For information about other places in Nan province click on their name below here.

How to get to Mae Charim?

  • By public transport you can take a kind of big Songtheauws from Nan bus station. 
  • By private car or motorbike just follow route 1168 west of Nan town to Mae Charim.

Food & Beverages in Mae Charim

Along the main street in Mae Charim village are a few small Thai restaurants. And even a 7-11!
  1. Chok Dee Cup Coffee
  2. Krua Phi Nong

Accommodation in Mae Charim

At Mae Charim National Park is accommodation and small Homestay's / Guesthouses can be found along the main street in Mae Charim village.
  1. Sabaidee Borwa Resort
  2. Phu Chom Na Homestay

Where to go next?

Although it is possible to go southwards to Loei province or to Na Noi, most people return back to Nan town from Mae Charim.

    Map of Mae Charim

    Destination Travel Guide to Mae Charim in Nan, North Thailand

    Route from Nan to Mae Charim

    Destination Travel Guide to Mae Charim in Nan, North Thailand
    Route from Nan town to Mae Charim

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