About Santisuk in Nan province

The villages Ban Du Phong and Ban Phong are referred to as Santisuk village in Santisuk district, about 30 km east of Nan town. Not really a tourist destination, you will be passing Santisuk while taking the backroad to Bo Klua. It is good place for a pit-stop as there are 2 gasoline stations, Bank with ATM, small restaurants and a few small shops. There even is a district hospital, police station, school, daily fresh market and of course a temple (Wat Don Mongkol). Be aware that there is also a village Ban Santisuk with Namtok Santisuk, but that is at a totally different location in Nan province. And in Phayao province, just over the border with Nan province is also a village with the name Santisuk.


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Route 1081 from Bo Klua to Santisuk

What to do in Santisuk?

The village Santisuk itself does not offer much but the the mountainous area nearby is great for hiking and bicycling if you are a tough bicyclist. For information about other places in Nan province click on their name below here.

How to get to Santisuk village?

By public transport you can take the Blue Songtheauw truck from Nan bus station to Santisuk, takes about 60 min. You will be passing Ban Kew Muang what is already within Santisuk district. 

By private car or motorbike exit Nan town via route 1169 and keep on following that route until you are at T-intersection with route 1225. To the right is Santisuk.

Food & Beverages in Santisuk

The village of Santisuk town consists basically of one main street (route 1225) with some small streets along it. Along this main street and at the T-intersection are some small Thai restaurants. Route 1081 to Bo Klua is partly also within Santisuk district but the food & beverages of route 1081 can be found at the Bo Klua section. The village Ban Kew Muang is also within Santisuk district but food & beverages there can be found at the Ban Kew Muang section
  1. InnBox Cafe @ Santisuk
  2. Plai Doi Restaurant (at Ban Nan Man)
  3. Natatha Cafe (at Ban Nan Man)

Accommodation in Santisuk

As Santisuk is not really a tourist destination there is also not much accommodation. Be aware that Santisuk is about 30 km east of Nan town. Route 1081 to Bo Klua is partly also within Santisuk district but the accommodation along route 1081 can be found at the Bo Klua section. The village Ban Kew Muang is also within Santisuk district but accommodation there can be found at the Ban Kew Muang section

Price category taking in account the high-season prices :

      ฿     Under 600 ฿ (Hostels, Guesthouses)
    ฿฿    600 - 1.100 ฿ (Boutique style Guesthouse)
  ฿฿฿ 1.100 - 3.000 ฿ (Midrange Hotels & Resorts)
฿฿฿฿ 3.000 - 10.000 ฿ (Boutique Hotels & Resort)
  1. Ban Yen Homestay ฿
  2. InnBox @ Santisuk Hostel ฿+ (at Ban Nan Man)
  3. Sri Na Man Boutique Homestay ฿฿+
  4. Natatha Farmstay (at Ban Nan Man)
  5. Kiengphu Resort (at Ban Nan Man)

Where to go next?

Most people are passing Santisuk on their way to Bo Klua or Pua. Or on their way back to Nan town.

    Map of Santisuk village

    Route from Nan town to Santisuk

    Destination Travel Guide Nan, North Thailand
    Route from Nan town to Santisuk

    Map of Santisuk district

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