Second sunrise of 2021 in Pua

Traveling in Thailand

Welcome to the year 2021 or in Thailand 2564 with a sunrise photo at 7:27am from our balcony. And no that is not morning fog you see in the sky but smoke from local burning, as you can never start early enough with the burning & smoke season. After a travel-wise disappointing 2020 the beginning of 2021 is not very well in Thailand. It started 2 (or 3?) weeks ago with a huge number of COVID-19 cases in Samut Sakhon province and now there are COVID-19 cases in more as 50 provinces in Thailand. Although there is at the moment of writing (4 January 10:34am) not yet a nation-wide lockdown, some provinces are or will be soon in a kind of lockdown. In many provinces the nightlife & entertainment business is closed again. And inter-provincial traveling is not recommended. January & February 2021 what looked like to become a good high-season for the domestic travel & hospitality business in province's like Nan are now looking blank. And while many first-world countries are planning or into active vaccination program also that looks blank in Thailand. For more information have a look at Department of Disease Controle Thailand. For more information about Nan province see Destination Travel Guide Nan.