About Pai Pua Ma @ NAN Restaurant & Coffee Shop in Pua

Food & Drinks in Pua, Nan province, North Thailand

Begin 2021 the owners of a resort in South Thailand did open a restaurant & coffee shop between the rice fields of Pua serving delicious Thai food & beer in a cosy atmosphere. A great place to watch sunset and in daytime a nice place to watch the flower fields around the restaurant. Food is good but a bit more expensive as other restaurants in Pua. For tourists not a problem but for locals it might be a bit too expensive. Still highly recommended! 

Of course planning is that in the near future there will be also a homestay next to the restaurant. The place is a bit difficult to find as it is at the end of a very narrow street in a small village, but there is a sign (in Thai) at the beginning of the street. From Pua take route 101 in direction of Chiang Klang, after about 3 km go to the right and follow the road to Ban Sathan. About 250m after the daily fresh market on your right hand side (and the school on your left hand side) there is a sign for the restaurant into a narrow street on your left hand side. Follow this road for about 250m (the end is dirt road). For more information about Nan province have a look at Destination Travel Guide Nan.

Information of ไป ปัว มา Restaurant & Coffee Shop

  • The Thai name ไป ปัว มา is translated as Pai Pua Ma what means "Lets Go Pua".
  • At Ban Sathan, about 4 km north-east of Pua town
  • Facebook : ไป ปัว มา @ Nan
  • Price : 300 ฿ per person (food only)
  • Kitchen : Thai
  • Seating : Outdoor
  • Parking : Yes
  • Opening hours : 9:00 - 23:00


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