A tiny car at Hat Chao Lao

Traveling in Thailand

In March 2021 we did stay 2 weeks at Hat Chao Lao beach in Chanthaburi and we were at a hotel at Hat Chao Lao where I did see this lovely tiny car. I love cars & motorbikes so when I saw this tiny car at the lobby of a hotel at Hat Chao Lao I had to take a closer look. First I thought it was a toy car and surely there is no V8 under the hood. But still it is a "real" car with a real petrol engine, brakes, steering wheel, etc. And with a sign "Do not sit in the car". The latter was a bit difficult although not sure if I would fit into this little car. 

Update about this cute little car : I just saw one for sale, exactly the same and brand new. So there is someone building this things.

Traveling in Thailand
A tiny car in Thailand


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