Visiting Ko Proet in Chanthaburi

Traveling in Thailand

Ko Proet is an small peninsula along the coast of Laem Sing in Chanthaburi and consist of a rocky hill with a small picturesque fishing village where it looks like time has passed. The village has only 2 streets (both dead-end) and the first time I took the road going to the right. And not looking in Google Maps I did not know that the street to the left would lead to the famous Sunshine Viewpoint with a coffee shop & restaurant Sky View Cafe. So we came back for that 2 days later. You park your car at the temple and walk the last 200m up to the viewpoint & cafe. To walk that last 200m you have to pay entrance fee of 10 baht. The Sky View Cafe has both indoor seating (air-conditioned) and outdoor seating and is a great place to make selfies. Behind the Sky View Cafe you can actually walk a bit further and from there you have a much better view. For more information see A Guide to Coastline of Chanthaburi.

The village itself is not a highlight but I like the lowdown atmosphere where nothing is happening. There are 2 or 3 restaurants and homestay. I might come back here by motorbike and stay here a night. It is called Ko Proet what indicated that it is an island but it looks like a peninsula, although it might be that the connection to the mainland is man-made and that it was originally really an island. The cultural history is Chinese with a Chinese shrine and Chinese graves. Following are a few more photos. 

Traveling in Thailand
View to Sky View Cafe at Ko Proet, Chanthaburi

Traveling in Thailand
Small beach at Ko Proet, Chanthaburi


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