About Ban Wen in Nan province

Ban Wen is a small village along route 1081 and the Nan River, between Ban Sapan and Phu Phayak. Ban Wen is becoming the new destination for tourists to experience rural life in Nan province. And actually not the village itself but the area between the village and the Thai-Lao border and Ban Wen gives acces to a few smaller villages along the Thai-Lao border. And with along I mean about 50 - 300m from the real border. There used to be a local border crossing (and unofficially it might still be used).


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How to get to Ban Wen?

  • By public transport you can take the bus from Nan town to Pua and then a Song Theauw to Bo Klua and from there you will have to rent a Song Theauw to Ban Wen. But then you are still just in the village. 
  • By private car or motorbike just follow route 101 north of Nan town in direction of Pua and then route 1256 to Bo Klua. Then route 1081 in direction of Huai Kon and halfway Ban Wen is on your right hand side. Ban Wen is about 112 km from Nan town.
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What to do in Ban Wen?

Nothing more as relax, enjoy the view and experience the rural way of life in Nan province. And for the people who can read Thai (and understand a Thai language joke) a selfie with the village signs is also a must.

Food & Beverage in Ban Wen

As Ban Wen is not yet a real tourist destination there are no restaurants or coffee shops, only some local small shops and some accommodation will also serve food & drinks.

Accommodation in Ban Wen

As Ban Wen is not yet a tourist destination there is not so much accommodation. 

Price category taking in account the high-season prices :

      ฿     Under 600 ฿ (Hostels, Guesthouses)
    ฿฿    600 - 1.100 ฿ (Boutique style Guesthouse)
  ฿฿฿ 1.100 - 3.000 ฿ (Midrange Hotels & Resorts)
฿฿฿฿ 3.000 - 10.000 ฿ (Boutique Hotels & Resort)
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    Where to go next?

    Ban Wen in the middle of nowhere in a outback of Nan province, so for most people it will be the end destination. But you could go north to Phu Phayak or Huai Kon. Or you could go south to Ban Sapan or Bo Klua.

    Map of Ban Wen

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    Route from Nan to Ban Wen

    Traveling in Thailand

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