The Corona Crisis update at 17 April 2021

As of 17 April 2021,  how about the COVID19 crisis in Thailand ? For reasons unknown until now Thailand seems the have done fairly well but last week there was a huge outbreak of COVID19 cases in the upper-class nightlife of Bangkok and that did spread quickly almost all over Thailand. And although until now a total of only 97 did die of COVID19 in Thailand, the number of deaths is rising suddenly since about 2 mounts. The outbreak in Bangkok is blamed on the UK-COVID19 but personally I would blame it on bad management and people really thinking that the management had COVID19 under control (or that Thailand was magically spared from COVID19). While worldwide countries are again going in lockdown here in Thailand people were encouraged to go traveling again (good for the business) and people started to party again (pubs, massage places, bars, etc. were all open again). And a daily number of 1.582 new cases in a country of 69.000.000 people seems not high, but in compare to the normal number of less as 10 per day it is very high. But personally to me there are a few indication that shit is going to hit the fan in Thailand :
  • First of all when someone is tested positive then that person is hospitalized. No problem when you have less as 10 new cases per day. But with 1.000-1.500 new cases per day hospitals and medical care in general will be overwhelmed by patients. Not to mention that there might not be enough ICU's and ventilators available.
  • Because at the moment hospitals already can not cope with the high numbers of COVID19 patients there are "field hospitals" build. Well that are not hospitals but huge camping places, almost like detention camps.
  • Secondly because of the obligation to hospitalize a positive COVID19 person the private hospitals are not testing anymore because they did run out of tests. Or at least that is the excuse.
  • Thirdly in the meanwhile people are still traveling & moving, it is Thai New Year (Songkran). And even after Thai New Year people are still traveling for holidays.
  • Fourthly the vaccination roll-out goes like a slow turtle and although private hospitals are in theory free to sale vaccinations the reality is different. With this vaccination roll-out speed it will take about a 5 to 10 years to vaccinate 70% of the Thai population. Currently less as 1% is done.
And besides the situation in Thailand that bloody COVID19 virus is mutating and the so promised vaccines are maybe not working or have sincere side-effects. 

So we are again in Voluntary Self Isolation at StayHome and our homestay Non Na Pua is still closed. Personally in 2021 I would advice people against traveling in general and also to Thailand. Or at least do not make planning for it for traveling in 2021. Personally on a global view I do not see this COVID19 shit going away this year (2021) unless magically the virus kills itself or magically vaccines really start to work and are rolled out in hyper-speed. For up to date information have a look at Department of Disease Control Thailand.

Currently in Thailand borders are still more or less closed, you can still travel free in Thailand but are subjected to checks and sometimes quarantine. All pubs, karaokes, massage places, nightlife in general are all closed for 2 weeks. Restaurants have to closed at 21:00 and are not allowed to sell alchohol. All parties and big events / meetings are canceled.

Remember we are all in a boat in the same storm (no not the same boat) and that boat is going slowly to a 500m high waterfall with deadly sharks swimming in the pool under the waterfall, while we are arguing about our freedom, what we want or argue that the waterfalls & sharks are fake or not dangerous. While the temporarily solution is simple, anchor that boat and stop arguing! But humans are a weird species....

Disclaimer : All information is created in good faith and is an expression of fair comment.


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