The Corona Crisis update 18 May 2021

Traveling in Thailand

Mind you I am writing this today 18 May 2021 with information from 17 May 2021. Although from the outside it may all seem to be reasonable fine in Thailand with COVID19 but Thailand and especially Bangkok has in the past weeks many clusters of new COVID19 cases. And for that reason Thailand and again especially Bangkok are in a kind of lockdown. That means bars and restaurants are closed, many tourist attractions are closed, inter-provincial traveling is discouraged, many National Parks are closed. And yes you can travel to Thailand but .... you need proof of negative COVID19 test, 14 days quarantine in a state hotel, insurance incl. COVID19 and a COE from your local Thai embassy. For officially up to date information have a look at Department of Disease Control Thailand.

If you are too lazy to read the rest : There is still a COVID19 surge going on in Thailand and vaccination rollout in Thailand is going to take some time : Forget traveling to Thailand in 2021.

The Third Wave of COVID19 in Thailand

According to the WHO Thailand has since 3 January 2020 111,082 confirmed cases of COVID19 and 614 died of COVID19. On 17 May 2021 there were 9.635 new confirmed cases of COVID19 and 25 died of COVID19. As this numbers are made public in the morning of 17 May 2021 you can of course understand that it are actually the numbers of 16 May 2021. This high number of new COVID19 cases is because they started to test prisoners and they account for 70% of the new COVID19 cases. So the new normal for Thailand is between 1.500 and 2.500 new COVID19 cases per day and between 15 and 25 new deaths of COVID19 per day. The third wave started a week after Songkran, so around 20 April 2021 and did spread all over Thailand in all provinces of Thailand. In most provinces there are now no new COVID19 cases anymore since about 5 days. So that proofs that Stay Home & Stay Safe really works. And many villages (I know at least 4) are in lockdown by force. That means the village is closed, nobody in and nobody out. Everybody is tested and people with COVID19 are brought to a so called Field Hospital.

The COVID19 test

As of the COVID19 tests done in Thailand .... many people say they not work at all. But that is just conspiracy gossip, of course they work. But depending on the way they are conducted they might result in many false negative (dangerous) or false positive (inconvenient). To me it seems that the latter is the case in Thailand with many asymptotic new COVID19 cases. This results in a high number of new cases but also in high number of people that are declared safe & healthy again after 1 week. But what i.m.o. is worrying is the rise in the number of deaths. And that the healthcare in Thailand can not cope with the high numbers of sick people. 

Stay Home & Stay Safe

Now for us Stay Home & Stay Safe is easy, we are privileged not to be forced to go out and work. We are privileged to have a big house & big garden. We are privileged to be able to buy extra food & drinks. But many people are not that privileged. My nephew lost his job at the kitchen of a big hotel in Bangkok and is now selling food in his home village. No more tourists in Nan province means much less customers for local restaurants and no customers for hotels. Almost no more traveling in Thailand means canceled flights & busses to Nan.

Vaccin when?

Then about the vaccination rollout in Thailand. Well simple there is no real rollout yet. Again according to the WHO Thailand has since 2 May 2021 administered 1.809.894 vaccins. Not clear if that are the number of people or the number of used vaccin shots. The Thai government has a bit different numbers (but also not clear) : 2.264.308 and on 17 May 2021 they did for 19.940 people the first shot and 2.218 the second shot. That means they did on 17 May 22.158 vaccin shots. Mind you there are 70.000.000 people living in Thailand, and for heard immunity you need to vaccin about 70% or 49.000.000 people of what now about 2.000.000 people did get their shot. That means still 47.000.000 people need to get 2 shots or 94.000.000 vaccin shots! The officially rollout has to begin in June 2021 with Thai made AstraZeneca vaccin.

What vaccin?

Then what vaccins will be given? As far as I know all vaccin shots are until now done with the Chinese Sinovac. But Thailand will also be producing the AstraZeneca vaccines and that will be used to vaccinate most people. As far as I know until now until now only Sinovac, AstraZeneca and Moderna are approved by the Thai FDA. Until now private hospitals are not yet offering vaccinations but we can assume that they will be selling Moderna vaccins and maybe Pfizer. 

Who gets a vaccin?

Officially ALL people in Thailand can get a government vaccin (not sure if it will be free). That means also all foreigners living in Thailand. And of course most Western foreigners think that is about Western foreigners but please realise that there are many many more non-western foreigners living and working in Thailand from Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. And the Thai business need this people badly (because they work for less as Thai people would).

Disclaimer : All information is created in good faith and is an expression of fair comment.


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