Pitstop at Linen Cafe along route 317 in Chanthaburi

Traveling in Thailand

In March 2021 we were driving on route 317 from Sa Keao to Hat Chao Lao in Chanthaburi province and I was in the mood for a cool drink and snack. So while my wife was driving I had a look at Google Maps for a Coffee Shop and of course there was a Amazone nearby but I wanted something different, something more local. And then I did find Linen Cafe, a small shop between the durian trees and managed by the children of owners of the durian plantation. A bit weird place to find as it is about 1.600m into a soi of route 317 and it looks like you are going nowhere. But there it was the little coffee shop managed by a lovely young couple. A perfect place to relax for a moment and have a refreshment to drink and eat something. They have a veranda for outdoor seating and a small shop for indoor seating. Highly recommended and a good way to support local business. For more information have a look at their facebook page : Cafe Linen

Traveling in Thailand


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