The Corona Crisis blues at 18 June 2021

Thailand Corona Update 18 June 2021

It is today 18 June 2021 and the corona crisis did begin around February 2020. And yes to be in partly lockdown begins to wear out. And not being able to travel or see my family in Europe also wears out. So yes I do understand that some people are looking to any opportunity that relaxes the lockdown and starting to look for better times. Especially people working in the toursim business. So the government of Thailand is speaking in terms of Sandbox-tourism (what only could work if you have a CLOSED sandbox and that is a minor thing what some people seem to forget) and the self-elected PM of Thailand even did speak the bold word of "opening Thailand in 120 days" (from 17 June 2021). Great words, but in the past 7 years the government has proven not to be very reliable with facts.

Opening Thailand also only could work if the majority of the  population is vaccinated but the roll-out of vaccination in Thailand did start late and slow and with limited choice of type of vaccin. The current choice is Sinovac and AstraZeneca made in Thailand. Soon maybe Sinopharma and maybe at the end of the year Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. Yes even if you want to pay for a pfizer vaccin the private hospitals in Thailand are not allowed to even offer it to you (as there is a state monopoly on the buying of vaccin). 

So opening Thailand in 120 days without any control or measurement seems to me the same as the daily deaths in traffic in Thailand. Daily about 50 people die in traffic in Thailand and basically almost nothing is done to lower that number. And yes when you are driving your SUV or BMW the chance of you becoming part of statistics is very low. But when forced by economic reasons and riding a scooter your chance of becoming part of statistics is much higher. But unfortunately it are the people driving in a SUV or BMW that have benefit by the fact that people have a scooter and are mobile. And unfortunately this same people are in control of improving road safety. 

In the meanwhile in Thailand there are still daily between 2.000 and 3.500 new covid cases and between 20 and 40 new deaths due to covid19 per day. All mostly in Bangkok or in provinces nearby Bangkok. Actually weird that the numbers stay the same all the time since the so called third wave.

In the meanwhile worldwide in European countries and in the USA the numbers of new covid19 cases and deaths because of covid19 are going down. What is probably due to the fact that the majority of the population in those area's is vaccinated. And vaccinated with vaccin like Pfizer, Moderna or UK made AstraZeneca. This all does NOT mean the corona crisis is worldwide to an end. In some other countries numbers of covid19 cases (and deaths) are still high or even rising.

And be aware that we humans do actually still not know much about covid19 and anything could happen in the following months or years. Mother nature is teaching us a lesson but it seems we still not understand it.

So what does it in real life means for tourisme in Thailand?

As of 18 June 2021 borders are still closed, nightlife is still closed, people entering Thailand still have to go in quarantine. Upcountry many tourist attraction, many hotels, many coffee shops and many restaurants are still closed. Bangkok and 4 provinces are declared red-zones and people coming from there and traveling to other provinces have to do quarantine. You still have to use a face-mask when in public anywhere. People tested positive for covid19 still have to go to a hospital or so called field-hospital.

So what does it in real life means for people in Thailand?

Villages or housing compounds with clusters of covid19 are places in full lockdown. That means that a village is completely closed from the outside world. Nobody goes in, nobody goes out. Friends can deliver food & drinks at the gates. 

Traveling within Thailand is still limited. Like in Nan province most hotels are closed and there is a limited schedule for airlines and busses. Many tourist attractions are still closed.

My personal travel advice

Personally I not think that before the end of the year 2021 the vaccination roll-out in Thailand will result in lower numbers of covid19 cases in Thailand. And as long that does not happen I would not plan any holiday to Thailand or within Thailand. Also be aware that any person in the government is very good in launching ideas and plans (just for his 15 min of fame). And it's very tempting to believe them but .... wake-up This Is Thailand. 

Economical situation in Thailand

Yes of course the corona crisis has hit Thailand very hard, especially the people directly or indirectly working in the tourism business. But .... 

I am living in Nan province where I see that new houses are build everywhere. A friend of us working in the construction business is fully booked for this year. New houses, new hotels, new coffee shops. Some restaurants that started to do food delivery are doing great business and 2 of them bought a brand new expensive car. Actually I see quite a few people buying a new car. Online shopping business is booming like it has never done before, so is also the delivery business.

And in Thailand .... CP is still opening new 7-11's nationwide, Central is still building new shopping malls. And I am sure like in Europe once the lockdown is released people will start spending again at places that are now suffering. 

And the life of the local farmers is going on like it did always, just farming. Although the price of rice is low this year (what is blamed on less export due to corona crisis). So this year they will do less rice and more corn and other products. 

Disclaimer : All information is created in good faith and is an expression of fair comment.


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