Corona update on 24 July 2021

Traveling in Thailand

This is written on 24 July 2021 based on information from 23 July 2021. Photo above is from TAT News.

What we can read in this info-graphic? First of all a daily vaccination of about 300.000 shots per day. Mind you every person needs 2 shots. Currently about 5% of the Thai population (that is without the foreigners living in Thailand) has been vaccinated. With the current daily vaccinations it will take to about May 2022 to vaccinate 70% of the Thai population. What you not see is that the majority of of the vaccins have been Sinovac and AstraZeneca. Although other vaccin are approved & ordered (like pfizer and moderna) they are not available yet. Not yet available by the government and not available by private hospitals. What you also not see is that the vaccination roll-out is a minor chaos at least. Like arguing who can order new vaccin and foreigner embassies and the UN are organizing that their people in Thailand will get vaccinated. Or like big companies / factories are organizing that their staff gets vaccinated. It actually looks like (but of course I am wrong) that vaccination is based on social status and economical benefit.

Secondly we can see that there is a daily new cases of about 14.000. What you not see is the daily number of deaths. What is currently between the 80 and 140 per day! What you also not see is that the healthcare system in Greater Bangkok is on the brink of collapsing. And that news cases are now all over Thailand (see photo under). First dokters & nurses from upcountry were send to Greater Bangkok. Now people with COVID19 are brought to their home province. Like in Nan province are now about 25 new cases per day, but most of them are people with COVID19 that are brought from Greater Bangkok to Nan province. Some are traveling by themselves and quarantine at home ... with their all family!

What you also not see in any info-graphic is that example a hospital in Pua is asking the public to donate money so they can buy more medical hospital equipment for ICU's. So I think "Wait, the hospital can buy the hospital equipment (no shortage of it) but does not have the money while elsewhere in Thailand huge highways are being build and shopping malls?".

New Lockdown

So Thailand goes more or less in a new lockdown, just like some other countries. That means that Greater Bangkok goes in a real lockdown (restaurants/bars/massage/markets closed) and that inter-provincial traveling is made very difficult. Most domestic flights are canceled. Just as most inter-provincial trains and busses. Here in Nan province it means that most if not all hotels are closed, all tourists attraction are closed and all nightlife is closed. Many villages close their village for outsiders. 

And while most parts of Thailand are going in some kind of lockdown other places in Thailand (like Phuket) are going open for vaccinated people (who likely can still spread the COVID19 virus).

Thailand COVID19 zoning

At the photo under you see the new COVID19 zoning of Thailand as of 18 July 2021. As you see most (53)provinces are red what means that there are a lot of new cases every day. Greater Bangkok and the southern province are dark-red what means that the number of new cases is huge every day. Then there are 10 orange provinces what means there are medium number of new cases every day. And then there 1 yellow province Phuket. That means there are minor number of new cases daily. And Phuket is the so called Sandbox project of tourism. And that yellow is hopeful, not because of the sandbox project but because it proofs that the system works, the system of isolation (Phuket is an island), vaccination (68% of the population is vaccinated) and strict measures against COVID19.

Now of course a sandbox is a closed / isolated environment, what is easy at an island like Phuket or Koh Samui. But it would be a bit more difficult for a place like Pattaya or Hua Hin. And even more difficult for provinces. But for Nan province it would be relatively easy with only 5 entrance roads. So let's make Nan province a sandbox! Not for tourism but for the people living there!

Traveling in Thailand
Covid zoning Thailand at 18 July 2021 from TAT Phrae

Disclaimer : All information is created in good faith and is an expression of fair comment.


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