Corona update on 29 July 2021

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This is written on 29 July 2021 based on information from 28 July 2021. Photo above is from TAT News.

At the info-graphic above you can see the rising number of total covid-19 cases per day and the numbers of people that get vaccinated. And you see the total number of deaths. What you not see is the rising number of deaths per day. And this is to me at least shocking. On 28 July 2021 there were 133 new deaths and on 29 July 2021 there were 165 new deaths. Mind you due to time in the day that this last numbers are announced I assume that the deaths did actually are from the day before. And although the dear leader of Thailand thinks & hopes that within 4 weeks the situation will improve there seems to be no statistics to support that. But hopefully I am wrong.

Vaccination roll-out and the import of quality vaccin still goes slow and chaotic. Although there is a lot of talk about Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson as far as I know until now only Sinovac and AstraZeneca are used. Donations of vaccin from Japan, USA and UK should be arriving in the following months. But some of them will be used as booster (third) shot for front-line workers, what also might be VIP's. For whoever they are used, a third shot will slow-down the roll-out for people who still need to get a first or second shot. In the meanwhile the so called sandbox projects that started in Phuket are still going ahead, despite that also there are rising numbers of new covid-19 cases. And at factories all over the country are huge numbers of new covid-19 cases, what forces some factories to temporarily close.

The info-graphic below comes from PRD Nan province and is from 28 July 2021. Sorry it is in Thai so I will try to translate it a little bit.

Left block about covid-19 cases :
  • New cases from within Nan province : 15
  • Total cases from within Nan province : 332
  • New cases imported into Nan province : 46
  • Total cases imported into in Nan province : 508
  • Total new cases : 61
  • Total cases : 840
Circle :
  • Imported new cases : 46
  • Self imported cases : 14
  • Community case : 1
Small block left under :
  • Total cases under medical care : 469
  • In hospital 1 : 149
  • In hospital 2 : 320
Small green block :
  • Cleared of covid-19 : 41
  • Total cleared of covid-19 : 369
Gray small block :
  • People died of covid-19 : zero
  • Total people died of covid-19 : 2
The small map :
  • Total number of cases per district since 1 July 2021.
There is a minor thing I do not understand ... in Nan town is one big public hospital and there is one big district hospital in Pua. But in Nan town is also a military hospital. And there are also used 2 or 3 smaller district hospitals like in Song Kwae. And there are 3 so called field-hospitals. And there are many quarantine places. So actually no real mention of who is really under medical care in a hospital, how many are on ventilator, how many are in ICU?

Traveling in Thailand
Covid-19 situation update of Nan province 28 July 2021

Disclaimer : All information is created in good faith and is an expression of fair comment.


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