Again Voluntary Self Isolation at StayHome

Traveling in Thailand

Thanks to the next wave of covid19 the corona crisis in getting worse in Thailand and we are more or less in a kind self isolation at StayHome. So we are again just at home, actually we do that already since April 2021 when the next wave started due to celebrating Songkran and when people did travel all over Thailand. And people were thinking that covid19 was under control, so nothing to worry about. Officially there is no lockdown and people from the red-zone's and dark-red zone's who had at least 1 AstraZeneca shot or 2 Sinovac shots are allowed into Nan province. Just as people from other zone's are allowed in Nan province and are allowed to travel within Nan province. Reality is that most people are scared shit and do not want contact with anyone from outside Nan province or better their own village. So most accommodation and tourist attractions are still closed. 

And wow, I am missing the traveling. This corona crisis started begin 2020 when I was in Vietnam and that was the last time I have been really traveling. I am also missing having guests in our homestay. And I am missing my home country. When this corona crisis started I thought "End 2020 or maybe begin 2021 it will be all over". But now I think "Maybe back to the normal of international traveling in mid 2022".

In the meanwhile we stay home, walk with then dog, make a small scooter ride. We limited our interaction with other people, we do not go to restaurants or pubs. We order food delivery by FoodMan and luckily there is more choice now. In the meanwhile the raining season has started, but not enough rain for the farmers. Although since a few days we have rain every day. Everything is beautiful green and the farmers did make rice fields in our valley again. Life goes on but the growing numbers of covid19 scars me. In the beginning of this corona crisis there were no covid19 cases in Nan province, then once & awhile 1 or 2. That became daily 1 or 2 and is now at 8 or 10 per day. Many of the new cases are people escaping Bangkok where the number of covid19 cases is rising rapidly and where healthcare can not cope with it. Hospitals from Nan even send mini-van's to Bangkok to pickup people with covid19 who are originally from Nan. In that way they do not have to take public transport. Very good do like this, but soon hospitals in Nan province will also be full.

Traveling in Thailand
COVID19 update of Nan province at 8 July 2021


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