The Corona Crisis and the vaccin blues at 9 July 2021

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It is today 9 July 2021 and the corona crisis started around February 2020 in Thailand. Screen shot above its from TAT News with information from 8 July 2021. Warning, this is going to be rant about the current situation all people in Thailand are experiencing. But as we are not all in the same boat, some will experience it as slightly inconvenient while for others it is a matter of life or death. Or matter of losing everything they ever had. I am a statistic guy and if we are looking to the numbers of Thailand compared to the rest of the world it looks like Thailand is not doing so bad. With numbers per 1 million people. But I think that the numbers do not bode very well for the near future. Why? Well have a look at the screen shots I will place below. They all come from WorlOmeter. The first 2 show statistics about deaths in Thailand due to COVID19. First the daily deaths and then the total deaths. In both you can see that from February 2020 until March 2021 the numbers of deaths were very low. This was always contributed to the management of controlling COVID19 in Thailand. Personally I think the only thing that contributed to the low number of deaths was closing the borders and stop inter-provincial traveling. For the rest it was just good luck. But in both screen shots you can also see that starting April 2021 it goes wrong (remember Songkran?) and this trend slowly but steadily keeps on going up (promoting domestic traveling).

Now again in compare to the rest of the world and looking to the population of about 70.000.000 people in Thailand the numbers itself are not worrying. But what worries me are 2 other things. 

First things that worries me is the slow and probably low quality roll-out of vaccination. Have a look at the last 2 screen shots below about Total Number of vaccin shots and about Vaccin shots per day. Looking to the number of vaccin shots per day and realisings that Thailand has 70.000.000 people of what 70% needs 2 shots. What means 100.000.000 vaccin shots. And as now is being considered to give medical staff and some other "important" people a booster (third) vaccin shot this total number of vaccin shots is rising. I think, but hopefully I am wrong, that it is going to take a long time before 70% of the Thai population has their 2 vaccin shots. Then the quality, until now most vaccin were Sinovac, what seems not to work very well against the new mutations of COVID19.

Another thing that worries me are the numbers of deaths and numbers of people in hospitals due to COVID19. Again in itself is not so much worrying, were it not that most cases are in or near Bangkok and that the healthcare in Bangkok can not handle this. You not see much about that on social media so I am not going to show that here but do a google search. And because of that medical staff from upcountry is send to Bangkok. And because of that people in Bangkok with COVID19 are going to their home village for medical care. And that again spreads COVID19 all over Thailand. 

Then in regards to vaccins in Thailand there is another problem. Vaccin started with Sinovac and was later supplemented with AstraZeneca. With all hope pinned to local production of AstraZeneca, what became available in June 2021. But the number of available AstraZeneca is not enough for a fast vaccination roll-out. In the meanwhile just recently other vaccin like Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) are approved to be used in Thailand. And because of that only just recently ordered. Amazing Thailand is what the TAT would say.

Update 10 July : It looks like Thailand is going in a lockdown, although officially only Bangkok and some other dark-red zones. But bus companies are limiting inter-provincial traveling and Air Asia stops temporarily all domestic flights from 12 July to 30 July. Bye bye domestic travel season!

Traveling in Thailand
Daily COVID19 deaths per day in Thailand

Traveling in Thailand
Total COVID19 Deaths per day in Thailand

Traveling in Thailand
Vaccin shots per day in Thailand

Traveling in Thailand
Total Number of vaccin shots in Thailand

Disclaimer : All information is created in good faith and is an expression of fair comment.


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