Traveling over the Asian Highway 2 from Sado to Mae Sai

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In my serie over Highways in Thailand, the Asian Highway 2 is part of the Asian Highway Network that goes from Denpasar in Indonesia to Khosravi in Iran. Personally I think the part Denpasar to Singapore is not a road at all but never mind. In Thailand the Asian Highway 2 starts in Sado in South Thailand and follows route 4, route 41, route 37 bypassing Hua Hin, route 4 again, route 338 to Bangkok, route 9 around Bangkok, route 32 to Chai Nat and then route 1 to Mae Sai. Have a look at the route of the Asian Highway 2 on Google Maps.

The Asian Highway 1 and the Asian Highway 2 cross each other in Tak. But as each border town claims to be the gateway to/from, there are also more Asian Highways in Thailand that are sometimes just a slightly different. Like Asian Highway 13, what is basically Asian Highway 2 except that it goes via Uttaradit, Phrae and Nan. So there are more Asian Highway intersections in Thailand.

In South Thailand, from the Thai-Malaysian border to Bangkok, the Asian Highway is mostly route 4 or Phetkasem road. With some minor changes as at Phatthalung the Asian Highway 2 takes route 41, passing Surat Thani from where you can take the ferry to Koh Samui. And at Hua Hin the Asian Highway 2 takes route 37 to bypass Hua Hin and Cha Am. And just before Bangkok the Asian Highway 2 takes route 338 to route 9 around Bangkok.

Then from Bangkok to Mae Sai the Asian Highway 2 is mostly route 1 or Phahoyontin road. But again with one minor change, of course first route 32 to Chai Nat instead of route 1 via Saraburi. Here you will be passing Ayuthaya, the second ancient capital city of formerly Siam. Then from Chai Nat it is route 1 again all the way to Mae Sai.

Traveling in Thailand
Asian Highway 2 in Thailand


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