On the motorbike from Pua to Santisuk

Motorbike Riding in Thailand

Although we are still in the raining season of 2021 there was a good weather forecast so we left at 7 in the morning for a short motorbike trip from Pua to Santisuk and then to route 1257 into the mountains of Doi Phu Kha. First route 1081 and route 1169 to Santisuk where we stopped at the 7-11 to buy some breakfast. From Santisuk we took the short-cut road to route 1257. This route 1257 (and also route 1333) in the mountains are of course not build for the 2 small villages along this road but to transport the corn out of the mountains. Most of the original vegetation in the mountains here have been destroyed for agriculture like rubber trees, corn and rice. So I call this CP-land. But it is a great route for motorbike riding, at least if you are not in a hurry and like sight seeing. The road surface varies from good to reasonable with put holes and you will go to a max. height of about 678 meters. Route 1257 connects to route 1333 from where you can go to Phu Fa. And route 1257 connects to route 1081 from where you can go to Bo Klua or back to Pua & Nan. We did the latter and here you will be passing the famous "road 3" where route 1081 has 3 curves that look like the number 3. This is a Thai tourist attraction and many people stop here to make a selfie. The trip was in total only 110 km, see map below or Route on Google Maps.

Motorbike Riding in Thailand
Last tree standing between the corn fields

Motorbike Riding in Thailand
Map of the route


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