On the motorbike from Pua to Phrae

Motorbike Riding Thailand

In December 2021 I made a motorbike trip from Pua to and around the Sirikit Lake. This is the first day, riding from Pua to Phrae but with a bit weird route and a total of 233 km. As usual I started with route 1081 & 1169 from Pua to Santisuk and continuing route 1169 passing Ban Kiw Muang where I had an early morning petit dejeuner with hot choco and a croissant that I took with me. In Ban Kiw Muang are many coffee shops but I always choose Kew Muang Hill because they are almost always open and besides coffee also serve food. Then continuing route 1169 to Nan town from where I took a weird route to go to Phrae and took route 1091 that actually goes to Phayao. But halfway at the village Ban Luang goes a road thru the mountains that connects with route 101 to Phrae. This road has no route number on Google Maps and is about 45 km. I always wanted to take that route and now was a good moment to try. This is a small local road that goes thru many small villages and thru some mountain area. Most of the road was paved but some parts were not paved and actually one short passage was gravel and dirt. And worse that was on a steep part, so riding a road bike like my Kawasaki Z250 was not fun. But It was a fun road and I enjoyed the view. Halfway is a great camping site. But if you like to go camping here take everything you need with you because besides solar lights, toilet and water there is nothing as stunning view and stars at night.

I then took route 101 to Phrae where I entered route 1022 that I would ride the next day. I found myself a nice hotel right along the main road, Thung Sawan Hotel (about 10 km from Phrae town). Actually a short-time hotel with some older rooms (with curtains so you not see the car parked) but they also have 3 brand new bungalows. Big rooms, good bathroom. And that all again for 450 baht. Nearby are some restaurants and a bit further is a 7-11. That is all I need when motor bike riding. But best was the Coffee Shop & Bakery API .... about 2 km further down the road. Delicious cakes & croissants! A bit down the road is a Thai famous temple, the Wat Phrathat Cho Hae, I did not really visit the temple but I am more and more surprised about the Thai love for visiting temples. There were 2 huge parking places, each for about 100 cars. There are souvenir shops, 2 coffee shops, ATM's and more souvenir shops. And probably some people selling lottery tickets. Just before the temple is the village Cho Hae with a morning & evening market. And a 7-11 of course! 

The next day I did from Phrae to Nam Pat.

Road condition : 
  • Route 1091 from Nan town to Ban Luang is in good condition. The first 10 km out of Nan town is made 4 lanes. 
  • Route 101 from Wiang Sa to Phrae is now almost all 4 lanes divided high-way, although they are still working on some parts.
  • The road between route 101 en route 1091 is mostly paved with some bad sections and some gravel section. 
Motorbike Riding Thailand
Camping site in Nan province

Motorbike Riding Thailand
Route between route 1091 and route 101

Motorbike Riding Thailand
Full route from Pua to Phrae


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