Staying at Thung Sawan Resort in Phrae

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In December 2021 I was traveling in North Thailand and did stay 1 night at the outskirts of Phrae. As I was alone I did choose a simple & cheap hotel and found Thung Sawan Resort the perfect place. It is located right along route 1022, about 8 km from Phrae town. I think it is actually a short-time hotel with some older rooms (with curtains so you not see the car parked) but they also have 3 brand new bungalows. Big rooms, good bathroom. And that all again for 450 baht. Of course the room has air-conditioning, private bathroom, TV, fridge and free drinking water. I would stay here again.

Nearby are some restaurants and a bit further is a 7-11. That is all I need when motor bike riding. But best was the Coffee Shop & Bakery API .... about 2 km further down the road. Delicious cakes & croissants! A bit down the road is a Thai famous temple, the Wat Phrathat Cho Hae, I did not really visit the temple but I am more and more surprised about the Thai love for visiting temples. There were 2 huge parking places, each for about 100 cars. There are souvenir shops, 2 coffee shops, ATM's and more souvenir shops. And probably some people selling lottery tickets. Just before the temple is the village Cho Hae with a morning & evening market. And a 7-11 of course! For location see the location under this posting. This hotel has private & covered parking for cars & motorbikes at the cheaper rooms so I parked my motorbike right in front of the room what is also private parking space.

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